We host Communion the first Sunday of every month. We serve wafers (gluten-free), grape juice, and wine.  We believe the sacraments represent the blood & body of Jesus Christ. Communion is also served on other holy days.  If you would like Home Communion, please contact the office to make arrangements.  All are welcome to commune with us.







Confirmation class starts when school begins in September. It is a 8 month class for 6th grade and up, including adults.  Students will explore their Christian faith and life. During the class such topics as the Bible, God, prayer, sacraments, worship, mission and outreach, and the UCC and other denominations will be discussed.







Baptisms are usually performed during worship time for all ages. 

It can be done in the sanctuary or elsewhere. 


We perform weddings in the sanctuary or elsewhere.


St. Paul UCC has basement space and

a fully renovated kitchen that you may use for

your reception (150 guests maximum).  Fees may apply.


We ask that you please book with us in advance to

avoid scheduling conflicts.

Contact us at (734) 429-7716 to learn more! 





Funeral/Memorial Services

Please contact our office if interested in having a Funeral/Memorial service at St. Paul. There is a cost for non-members to use the church. Depending on the request, other expenses could include the pastor, organist, tech person, custodian and use of the social hall for a luncheon.