We host Communion the first Sunday of every month. We serve homemade bread, wafers (gluten-free), grape juice, and wine. 

Confirmation class starts in late spring and is a year-long learning opportunity for young people eighth grade through adulthood.  Students will explore their Christian faith and life. Information day is in September. St. Paul UCC’s confirmation program is based on a mentoring model, where confirmands walk through a course study with a mentor of their choosing. In addition to completing the lessons, the confirmation class is involved in mission and outreach, service within the church, visitation to services of other churches or religious groups, and choosing a class gift for the church. The highlight of learning is when each student writes their own statement of faith, choosing a confirmation hymn and scripture.


Baptisms are performed during worship time. They are provided for infants, young children, youth, and adults of all ages. The method can be done by sprinkling, pouring water over one’s head/body, or immersion of the entire body.

Can be done in the sanctuary or elsewhere. We will also baptize ill infants, if necessary.

The family will be given the opportunity to chose what liturgy they would like to use and what method.


We perform weddings for same sex partners, as well as opposite sex.

Services can be held in the sanctuary or elsewhere. 

Couples will need to contact Reverends Pam and Keith and set a date.

Funerals & Memorial Services

Memorial Services or Funerals will be held for any person requesting one. Please contact the ministers to set a date and time. The family will be asked to help plan the service (such as music and scripture selections, a PowerPoint with pictures, open sharing, who will be involved, etc).  During the first visit with the family, we will talk with you and help guide you through the grieving process.  There is a cost for non-members to use the church. Other expenses involve the organist, tech person, ministers and custodian. A luncheon can be provided, if requested, at a cost of $2.50 per person.