St. Paul UCC is invested in Mission and Ministry and can be found alive in the community. Our "St. Paul Cares" program involves a prayer chain/squares, card ministry, parish nurses, visitation, meals, home communion, and a transportation program.

Do you know of someone who is ill? Do you have a family member who will be in college this fall or a young adult who is living away from home and would like to receive a newsletter?  Please notify the office with their name, address, email address, birthday, name of college/branch of service, or any other information you would like to share with the church family and we will be sure to send them a copy.


Janet R., Karen L., Brad B., Laura J., Sherry P., Karen P., George F., Jimmy C., Babs L., Marge W., Mag L., Noelle M., Rose & Ron B., Connie L., Randi, Cameron & Tammy, Jim E., Pat G., Patsy S., Ginny B., Doris Z., Vi H., Chris H., Diane R., Marilyn L., Leann R., Susan K., Joe C., Nelson O. & Judy M.  

Pray for those who have committed their lives to helping others:
+healthcare workers
+pharmacy workers
+police & jail force
+store workers
+funeral directors
+transport teams handling first-hand trauma
+childcare providers
+postal servants
+garbage collectors
+utility workers
+volunteers at food/supply distribution points
+families & children who are not in a safe place right now without schools & teachers to support them in person
+other people who help with keeping open important areas
+those who have been ill
+those who have lost loved ones
+those experiencing natural disasters in the midst of coronavirus
Give us strength each day to be people of faith and remember that we are all in this together.

-Lenawee Medical Care Center: Jean K.

-Evangelical Home: Jean H.  

-Brooklyn Living Center:  Allan K.

-Superior Woods:  Ann L.

-StoryPoint:  Rose B.

*If you have a prayer request, please contact us.  Thank you.


Prayer Square

Prayer Squares are small quilts that are made for people who are ill. Each member of the congregation will have the opportunity to tie a knot and sign a card for the person.

Card Ministry

We want to make our congregation feel loved and appreciated. To do this, we send a card to someone when they are feeling down, are sick, need a friend, or for their birthday/anniversary. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please sign up at the Opportunity Table or let Rev. Pam know.

*If you have a request of someone to send a card to, please contact us with their name and address. Thank you!


There are times in people's lives when they would especially appreciate a homemade meal. They may be sick,  recooperating from the hospital, experiencing grief, etc. We want to make life easier by providing them with a meal. If you want to make a meal for someone, please sign up at the Opportunity Table or let Rev. Pam know.


Unfortunately, some people are unable to drive because of their age, health, or condition. We still encourage them to come to church and worship with us. By having someone transport these people, we will be able to see their smiling faces in church. Not only would someone need a ride to church, they may need a ride to the grocery store, doctor appointment, or event. If you want to be a part of the Transportation Ministry, please sign up at the Opportunity Table or let Rev. Pam know.


As much as we have an aversion to see someone suffering, there is always someone, whether they are alone at home or in the hospital sick. Anyone who is not feeling their best wants a visitor or friend. This is where you come in. If you look above at our prayer list, these are people that you can visit either at home, the hospital, E-home, rehab, etc. If you are interested in joining this ministry, please sign up at the Opportunity Table or let Reverends Pam and Keith know.

Prayer Chain

Prayer is a powerful thing. We encourage you to become a part of our Prayer Chain, which is an email distribution that makes one aware of praises and concerns. To be a part of this ministry, please contact the office.